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Registry POST Migration

Dear Customer,

The ccTLD .vu is migrated to a new registry service Neustar, due to this change, some functionalities are impacted,

however Our team is available to perform your changes via hostmaster@vunic.vu from Monday to Friday 8AM to 5PM GMT+11.

Please avoid registrations of individual domain names (IDNs) as the registry does not support them.

For any further information, please contact hostmaster@vunic.vu

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Vunic offers automated registration of domain names in .vu top level domain. It also gives you the choice among several suffixes (e.g: yourdomain.com.vu).

Notice : .vu names work worldwide exactly the same as do .com names.

Other Top Level Domains *

  • .vu
  • .com.vu
  • .edu.vu
  • .net.vu
  • .org.vu

To TVL VUNIC customers who have previously received notifications via email that their domain names would expire at a specific date, be advised that you have one month grace period from this date to renew your domain.
The expiry date is thus postponed of one month (grace period).
During this grace period, your domain records will be kept and your domain name won’t be released on the market, however the domain will not work until renewal payment has been made.

Please take note of this notice and ensure that you contact TVL VUNIC hostmaster on hostmaster@vunic.vu if you have any queries.